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Dear Visitor,

Maisons La Boissiere is officially open! Our first group of guests, the Stocker family, has come and gone and we are now into our third week of operation.

Our part of the Dordogne appealed across the generations, with grandparents enjoying a bit of wine tasting, markets and the pool; parents the local brewery in St Cyprien, the markets, the canoeing, cycling and the pool; the children, the pool, the canoeing on both the Dordogne and Vezere Rivers, the tennis at Siorac and the caves! , Inky the gorgeous black Labrador just enjoyed every bit of it!

Guest comments:
Rose and Simon Stocker
" We are very fortunate and honoured to be the first people in the Boulangerie. What a lovely, comfortable, quiet cottage which suited us perfectly .Stu and Tish have been thoughtful and generous hosts, I'm sure it will be hugely popular"

Kirstin, James, Will, Annie and Inky Stocker
"Everything was perfect. It was the perfect holiday. See you next year!"

Our pool has been the saviour in this intense heat, with people swimming into the evening to keep cool and with more hot weather forecast, we are sure our next arrivals will find the same thing.

To date everyone has seems to have enjoyed their time with us and we are looking forward to a busy August.

A Tit-Bit for the grey cells:
Did you know that two thirds of the 115 prehistoric decorated caves known in the world are found in southwest France? The detail is extraordinary and almost "other worldly", leading experts in Upper Palaeolithic art to concur that these natives of the Lot and Dordogne were especially inspired and gifted. Many of these caves are right on our doorstep.

We have also discovered a tortoise farm, a fabulous outing the family -to view these 58 tortoises, ranging from babies, sub-adults to adults. Sit in the area with them, touch them, a truly close encounter!

À bientôt,

Tish & Stuart Inglis



dordogne food restaurantsWe still have availability in September and October, a gorgeous time of year in our Valley of 1000 Chateaux, and anyone booking as a result of this newsletter will receive 10% off their stay.


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